Eyes Wide Shut

EYES WIDE SHUT | ongoing

Fall out of time for a moment and abandon everything that is outside of you. Just a moment to catch a glimpse of yourself – with eyes wide shut.

This series arose by chance when I found in my archive of street photographs several atypical shots of people with their eyes closed: unlike the bulk of passers-by, they were deeply immersed in themselves.

A woman is standing at the crossroads, turning her face to the wind. The man frozen in place at the door of the pharmacy. The girl at the bus stop silently hugs her boyfriend. The plumber walks along the street, clutching a wrench in his hand and not noticing anyone around … All these people are united by the fact that they seemed to have forgotten about the reality around them and plunged into their inner world. So this series was born. It has no beginning and probably will have no end. I didn’t look and do not look for such moments on purpose, they arise on my way by themselves.

The title of the series does not need to look for analogies with the Stanley Kubrick movie. This is nothing more than an antithesis to the expression “with wide open eyes,” or, if you want, an opposition of internal to external. Look inside yourself more often.

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