15 motorcycles


Self-published zine

Limited edition of 75 copies, signed and numbered
(50 in Russian, 25 in English)

Size: 11×15 cm
20 pages +2incerts
Hand-printed and hand-crafted

Photos by Oleg Kolimbet
Text by Oleg Kolimbet and Terry Hurley

Language: Russian, English
 St.Petersburg, 2023

Participant of photobook and zine festivals “Razvorot” in Voronezh
and “Booknol” in Samara

For sale

All the photos in this zine were taken by me while traveling through several provinces of China and explore the culture of motorcycle use in this country. But why are there 15 motorcycles? An ancient Chinese legend about the Yellow River and a giant turtle, on the shell of which Emperor Fu Xi, who came to the riverbank, discovered a magic pattern with a 3×3 grid and dots in the center of the squares, will help us answer this question.


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