All is not what it seems


Self-published collective zine

Anastasija Yakimenko

Mikhail Grebenshikov
Oleg Kolimbet
Cover design: Kristina Zaikina
Concept, Design: Oleg Kolimbet

Size: 180 x 240 mm
48 + 2 (addendum) pages + 9 inserts
Language: Russian
Edition: 25 numbered copies

Soft cover, open thread binding. Handmade.
Inside Paper: Pergrafica® 100 gr and 120 gr.
Cover Paper: Pergrafica® 300 gr
Year: 2023

For sale

Participant of photobook festivals “Nizina Fest” in St.Petersburg”, “Zherdela” in Rostov-on-Don,
“Korzina” in Sergiev Posad, “Zine-Zine” in  Khabarovsk, “Razvorot” in Voronezh

Featured in the collection of Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art “Garage”

“All is not what it seems” is a collective zine by three authors in which texts and images are intricately interwoven with each other. All the texts in the book are presented as dialogues and “hidden” in multi-format inserts. These dialogues are nameless – we do not know who is talking and to whom, and sometimes we do not even understand what they are about. In other words, they are strange dialogues. The same can be said of photographs. We don’t know who’s in them, and we don’t always understand what’s going on in them. We also cannot always guess the place and time. We begin to suspect that there is something else behind the overlying layer of images and words: something hidden from the inattentive eye and the inconsiderate ear. We begin to realise that all is not what it seems…

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