So far, so close. In search of Bering Island

Self published art book

Design paper
Size: 208×245 mm
168 pages
Language: Russian, English
Edition of 15 numbered and signed copies
Last copies are available for exhibitions or special collections only
Year: 2023

Featured in the Garage MCA collection (Moscow) and Aperture Foundation Library (NY)

Is it possible to consider a territory that you do not remember as your homeland? Is it enough to just be born on a particular piece of land? Or is it nothing more than a geographical convention? Perhaps the answers to these questions depend on whether you have an emotional connection with the place where you were born; a magnet that attracts you, no matter how far you are from it now.

Born on Bering Island, I don’t remember it. Our family left the Commanders when I was one year old. My ideas about the place of my birth were formed by photographs from the family archive, books, stories of my parents and my older brother. But none of this is my personal experience.

This book is my attempt to restore the lost connection with the place of my birth. The project is based on archival black-and-white photographs taken by my father in the period 1967-1970, when he served as the head of the border outpost on Bering Island. Color photographs taken by me. By inscribing the past into the present, I tried to connect two times and two spaces, and thus regain the sense of my homeland.

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