«Baracholka» as a journey to the USSR

«Baracholka» as a journey to the USSR “Vodka”, “balalaika”, “baraholka” – these three words cannot be translated from Russian into foreign languages. But if...


White bread falling from the sky

White bread falling from the sky The snow came suddenly and just at the moment when I stopped to refuel the car in front...


A little B&W story

A little B&W story When you live in a big city, you find a special charm in small cities. For a street photographer shooting...


Jolly Patrick

Jolly Patrick Why Russia is so fond of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is a mystery. The history of Ireland is almost unknown to Russian...


Modern-day slavery

Modern-day slavery At the end of 2014, the exchange rate of the ruble against US dollar and Euro in Russia fell by more than...


Historic bicycle race

Historic bicycle race Moscow is not Rio de Janeiro, but here too, from time to time, mass street festivals are held, and they are...


Hospital stories

Hospital stories #Katya Katya –  still young, but already a very serious nurse. When I was brought in by ambulance and pumped out, it...


Guangzhou to Shanghai

Guangzhou to Shanghai October 2012, my second trip to China. I had to visit the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, and through Gangkou, Changzhou, Shantou...

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