Further only the forest

Further only the forest Two forest Bryansk villages, Chukhrai and Smelizh, are connected not only by a bumpy six-kilometer road, but also by a common history:...


«Baracholka» as a journey to the USSR

«Baracholka» as a journey to the USSR “Vodka”, “balalaika”, “baraholka” – these three words cannot be translated from Russian into foreign languages. But if...


Hospital stories

Hospital stories #Katya Katya –  still young, but already a very serious nurse. When I was brought in by ambulance and pumped out, it...


Guangzhou to Shanghai

Guangzhou to Shanghai October 2012, my second trip to China. I had to visit the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, and through Gangkou, Changzhou, Shantou...

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